Blog: Health Benefits of Travel

Unpack and Unwind

Plan your vacation days at the start of the year for the rest of the year!

We all need something to look forward to again. And nothing is more exciting than planning that next perfect getaway. The one that can’t get there soon enough. Because the journey begins the moment we decide to go somewhere. Although you may not be ready or able to take a trip just yet, studies show simply planning a vacation can increase happiness. 

In fact, 97% of people say having a trip planned makes them happier.

Travel relieves stress and boosts mental health. Vacations can positively impact everything from blood pressure to energy levels. People who take vacations report they are happier with their job, company, relationships and health.

Research shows Americans work more than anyone in the industrialized world. They also take less vacations, work longer days and retire later. In previous years, Americans did not utilize paid time off for mundane reasons, like not planning enough in advance or feeling like they couldn’t take a break from work. But in 2020, the constraints of the pandemic resulted in more cancelled vacations and time stuck at home than ever before. 

63% of Americans say they desperately need a vacation.

Now, more than ever, we need something to look forward to. Each year, on National Plan for Vacation Day on Jan. 26, we encourage you to pull out your calendar and start planning your next getaway. Although this year’s National Plan for Vacation Day is taking place amid challenging times, we can still look forward to—and plan for—brighter days. In fact, planning and anticipating a trip can be almost as enjoyable as going on the trip itself. Planning encourages an optimistic outlook...and we could all use some optimism right now! 

Book now through Jan. 26, 2021, and save up to 25% on your next stay! 

The journey begins the moment we decide to go somewhere. When we say, “let’s go there.” It’s time to feel that feeling once again. So let’s get inspired. Let’s save a date. Let’s book a trip. When the heart says go, we’ll be ready to welcome you back to your favorite beach...your gateway to the Gulf. 


Destin Gulfgate is encouraging guests to continue to adhere to healthy travel practices—whether planning a vacation in the short term or for later this year. We encourage safe and healthy travel, which includes wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, maintaining physical distance when possible and staying home if feeling sick. Read more about our new safety protocols here