Terms & Conditions

Reservation Payments: An advance payment of $375.00 ($500.00 for monthly rentals) plus any optional insurance coverage selected is required to confirm all reservations.  If payment is declined your reservation will not be confirmed.  The remaining balance of the rental payment and all applicable taxes must be received no less than twenty-one (21) days prior to your arrival.  Unless otherwise specified by you, Destin Gulfgate will charge the remaining balance to the credit card on file on the due date.  All offerings are believed to be reliable but are subject to errors of omission and rate changes.  State and local tax are subject to change without notice and all rentals are subject to adjustments for the additional taxes after reservation confirmation.  Payments accepted are by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), check or cash.  Destin Gulfgate will charge $50.00 for returned checks.

Travel Insurance (Recommended): We are pleased to offer our guests optional travel insurance through InsureStays via Rental Guardian's integrated platform.  We value you as our guests and we want to do everything possible to make your trip enjoyable and worry free.  Please visit the Travel Protection section of our website for additional information, as well as terms and conditions of Rental Guardian and their policies, or contact our office during business hours.  If you elect to cover your trip under either of these plans, you will receive your policy and information directly from Rental Guardian via email shortly after confirming your reservation.

Cancellation and Changes to Reservations
With Trip Insurance: 
If you have purchased trip insurance through Rental Guardian along with your reservation and you have to cancel, delay, or change your reservation for a covered event, please notify Destin Gulfgate as soon as possible.  Reimbursement will not be issued by Destin Gulfgate, however, we will assist you in gathering the appropriate information to assist you with your claim.
Without Trip Insurance for Short Term Reservations: Daily and weekly reservations that are cancelled, delayed or changed outside of 60 days of your scheduled arrival will result in a $50.00 processing fee.  Cancellations within 60 days of your arrival will result in the loss of all payments and deposits paid.  Shortening reservations, or changes to reservations within 60 days of arrival that result in a decrease to the original reservation amount will not be subject to refunds, and the original amount of the reservation will still apply.  Cancellations and/or early departures due to inclement or threatened inclement weather (including tropical activity) do not warrant a refund without trip insurance.
Without Trip Insurance for Long Term/Monthly Reservations: Monthly reservations that are cancelled, delayed or changed outside of 90 days of your scheduled arrival will result in a $100.00 processing fee.  Cancellations within 90 days of your arrival will result in the loss of all payments and deposits paid.  Shortening reservations, or changes to reservations within 90 days of arrival that result in a decrease to the original reservation amount will not be subject to refunds, and the original amount of the reservation will still apply.  Cancellations and/or early departures due to inclement or threatened inclement weather (including tropical activity) do not warrant a refund without trip insurance.

Unit Assignments: Unit assignments are not guaranteed.  We endeavor to accommodate all unit requests and assignments, however, in the rare instance where a unit becomes unavailable for rental we reserve the right to change unit assignments.

Parking: Each unit is allotted 2 parking spots only. Garage parking is available for designated units.  Not all units have garage parking.  In order to accommodate all guests, we are unable to offer more than 2 spaces per unit.  Alternate arrangements, off property, must be made for additional vehicles.  Boats, RV’s. trailers, etc. are not allowed between Memorial and Labor Day.  During the off season, arrangements for these vehicles must be made in advance and approval will be based solely on occupancy levels.

Check In/Check Out: Check in time is between 4pm – 5pm.  Check out time is 10am. 

Linen/Housekeeping: Your unit will be cleaned to quality standards prior to your arrival.  You are responsible for cleaning during your stay and leaving the unit in good condition upon check out.  Additional housekeeping services are available upon request for a fee.  We respectfully request your awareness and appreciation of the property owners.  Please treat your vacation unit with the same care you do your own home.  Laundry facilities are provided in each unit. Your individual unit will be stocked with a starter supply (1 use packets) of coffee, trash bags, soap, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, fabric softener sheets, paper towels and toilet paper.  Extra items needed are the responsibility of the guest. Bed linens and bath towels are furnished and are not to be removed from the unit.  Beach towels are NOT provided.  Damages to the linen and terry will be charged in accordance with the Damage Protection section outlined below.

Pets: Pets are not allowed on property.  If evidence of a pet is found you will be required to board the pet immediately and/or vacate the property with no refund of rental payments.  Additional charges will also be assessed for cleaning, disinfecting and professional flea treatment.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all Destin Gulfgate rental units, at the pool, and on the exterior walkways.  A designated smoking area can be found in the northwest side of the parking area.  Smoking in units will result in charges being assessed for the necessary cleaning and deodorizing of the unit.

By signing this agreement, you waive your right to dispute charges that are made on your credit card pursuant to the terms of the Guest Rental Agreement for intentional damage caused by you or a member of your party visiting or staying at on the premises or accidental damage unreported to Destin Gulfgate, which may not be covered under this policy. 

Age Restrictions: Destin Gulfgate is a family oriented facility.  Destin Gulfgate will not honor rentals, or allow vacationing student or singles under the age of twenty five (25) to book or check in unless accompanied by parents or legal guardians.  Identification for all persons checking in may be required.  Violators will be evicted and all rental payments forfeited.  Reservations made under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of advance payments and/or rental payments.  
Rules & Regulations: 
All guests are expected to abide by the Destin Gulfgate Rules and Regulations and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.   Destructive or disruptive behavior to Destin Gulfgate property or individuals will not be tolerated and could result in immediate eviction, loss of rental, and/or legal action.  In order to preserve the Destin Gulfgate family environment please follow the guidelines below:

  •  Do not hang items from balcony rails or balcony hurricane screen hooks.
  •  Do not feed birds from the balcony.
  •  Do not throw items from the balconies or walkways.
  •  Adhere to the posted pool rules and hours (9am to dusk). 

Occupancy Guidelines: The maximum number of guests per unit is based on the individual unit’s ability to safely and comfortably accommodate guests. This number varies between 4 – 8 people (refer to your confirmation email for the number of people allowed in the unit you have reserved).  If the maximum occupancy is exceeded you will be asked to vacate the property forfeiting all rental payments.

Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are between 10:00pm and 10:00am.  During these hours, excessive noise is prohibited and the volume of radios, televisions, and other devices must be kept to a minimum.  Please remember when windows and doors are open, or when on the balcony, sound travels and may disturb others.

Property Furnishings, Equipment, Utilities, etc.:  All rental units have fully equipped kitchens, televisions and central heating and air conditioning.  Destin Gulfgate cannot guarantee these or other appliances, and should an outage occur, we will do our best to have repairs completed in a timely manner.  No compensation will be given for temporary outage of electricity, water, cable, internet or phone service.  Outages will be reported immediately and every effort will be made to have them restored as soon as possible.  The operation and maintenance of these utilities is completely out of the control of Destin Gulfgate.  Destin Gulfgate has described all units and their furnishings as accurately as possible based upon information received from the homeowner.  Destin Gulfgate makes every effort to keep each property in and its equipment in good working order and to make repairs as soon as possible when notified of a problem.  No refunds or rate adjustments will be made for mechanical failures that occur during your stay.  Destin Gulfgate is not responsible for intrusion of pests including insects, rodents, as well as weather conditions, road conditions, power outages, acts of God, beach closures or any other activity, event, construction or condition beyond its control.  While Destin Gulfgate makes every effort to be aware of construction and maintenance activities, there may be circumstances beyond our control including neighboring construction and homeowner’s association projects.  Destin Gulfgate will make effort to mitigate any inconvenience, however no compensation will be given for these situations.

Beach Safety: Please be aware and follow the beach Flag Warning System for swimmers and surfers at all times.  It is vital to the safety of you and your family and friends that you understand and adhere to the warning system.  The absence of flags does NOT assure safe waters.  Okaloosa County does not permit beach chairs, tents, umbrellas, etc. to be left on the beach overnight. Any items left on the beach are subject to removal.

  •  Double Red Flags – Water Closed to Public
  •  Single Red Flag – High Hazard – High Surf and/or Strong Currents
  •  Yellow Flag – Medium Hazard – Moderate Surf and/or Currents
  •  Green Flag – Low Hazard – Calm Conditions, Exercise Caution
  •  Purple Flag – Dangerous Marine Life – Marine Pests 

Key Policy: Unit keys are provided at check in and must be returned to the front desk at check out.  A charge of $25.00 plus tax will be charged to the card on file for each key lost or not returned.  If you find yourself locked out of your unit during normal business hours, please notify the front desk.  If it is after hours, please call 850-837-3556.  A fee of $40.00 will be charged for after hours lock outs.

Check Out Procedures: Upon your departure we ask that you:

  •  Properly dispose of all debris and garbage via the trash chute located on each floor (boxes and empty drink cases cannot be put down the chute.
  •  Place dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
  •  Pile towels on the floor in the bathroom.
  •  Leave the property in neat condition and all furniture in its original location.
  •  Ensure all windows and doors are lock.
  •  Return all keys to the front desk or in the key drop box.

Check out time is no later than 10:00 Am Central Time. Violation of the checkout time will result in additional charges being billed to the card on file, up to $100 per hour after 10:00 AM.

After Hours Instructions: In the event you arrive when the office is closed, your late arrival packet and 1 key will be in the wall mounted late arrival box located to the left of the front desk.

Agency Disclosure: Property owners and Destin Gulfgate will not be held responsible for acts of theft, vandalism, or other damages to guests’ personal property or items left in the rental. If an item has been accidentally left behind, please contact Destin Gulfgate as soon as possible and every effort will be made to recover and return the item to you.  Shipping costs will be billed to the card on file.  Weapons and prescription medication left behind will be subject to all applicable Florida laws and may or may not be returned.  Representatives of Destin Gulfgate management may enter the premises at any reasonable time to make repairs or insect the property.  Properties may not be sublet.