Winter in Destin


When thinking about a winter getaway, most people picture snowy landscapes, cozy cabins, and activities like skiing and snowboarding. However, diverging from the traditional locations and activities, and staying in warm, sunny Destin, could be the ideal choice. Let’s dive into all the reasons why Destin might just be the perfect winter wonderland for your next winter vacation.

Perfect Weather

Destin, located on the Emerald Coast of Florida, is known for its year-round temperate climate. While most of the country shivers in the winter months, Destin enjoys temperatures averaging in the 70s and 80s. The pleasurable weather makes Destin a perfect escape for anyone seeking to ditch the cold and bask in warm, sunny days by the water. 

Smaller Crowds

With Destin’s primary tourism season taking place in the summer months, the winter months are peaceful and relaxing. The smaller crowds make Destin perfect for those looking for the serenity and tranquility of the shoreline, without the hustle and bustle of summer tourists. Enjoy dining and shopping throughout the area avoiding the long lines and craziness of the summer and truly get a feel for Destin at its core. 

 Money Goes Further 

Visiting Destin in the winter months often means lower accommodation prices. Many hotels and vacation rentals in the area offer competitive rates during their off-season, making your stay much more affordable. This means your vacation budget will stretch further, allowing you to experience more of the exciting things that Destin has to offer.

 NYE at Baytowne Wharf

 Destin doesn’t hibernate in the winter; instead, it offers tons of exciting events for everyone to enjoy!  One of the most popular events during winter is the Baytown New Year's Eve Countdown, held at Baytowne Wharf. This event features firework shows, live music, and tons of family-friendly activities in a festive atmosphere that is sure to make your New Year’s fun and memorable. 

30A Songwriters Festival

 Or, for music enthusiasts, check out the 30A Songwriters Festival, an annual event that features over 175 artists in over 30 venues around the 30A area. This event celebrates the art of music and songwriting and works to support upcoming and established artists in a unique setting. 

Horse Drawn Carriages and Photos with Santa

 Looking to get into the Christmas spirit? Grand Boulevard hosts photos with Santa and horse-drawn carriage rides on Fridays and Saturdays December 1-30th! Take the perfect Christmas card photo and get all your holiday shopping done in one outing with Grand Boulevard’s superior retail stores and beautiful shopping atmosphere. The best part? Horse-drawn carriage rides are complimentary!



For golf fans, Destin boasts a large selection of premier courses in and around the area. Enjoy the temperate winter weather, and breathtaking coastal views as your backdrop, as you partake in a challenging game of golf on any of the beautiful courses. Courses will also be less crowded during the winter months, ensuring a more leisurely and enjoyable game. 


Destin offers a winter escape unlike any other. With mild temperatures, reduced crowds, cost-effective stays, and plenty of exciting events and activities, you’re sure to fall in love with the area and the things that make it. Consider Destin for your next winter vacation and experience the beauty of winter in a whole new light. Whether you’re strolling the beach, shopping, and dining, or hitting the golf course, Destin has everything and more to make your winter getaway truly perfect.